According to the most recent week’s worth of statistics, sales of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) decreased by 1.18% from the prior week. Despite reported NFT sales of $107.05 million, there was a notable increase in buyers of 86.71%. NFT transactions also saw a large 34.66% increase.

Weekly Digital Collectible Sales Cool Off

NFT sales this week showed a little decline, falling by 1.18% from the week before. A substantial 61%, or $65.86 million, of the $107.05 million in NFT transactions came from the Ethereum network.

In addition, sales of NFTs based on ETH increased by 7.41% from the previous week. Solana came in second to Ethereum with sales of about $9.64 million, an increase of 4.8%.

In the NFT sales competition, Polygon emerged in second place after Solana with sales of $8.41 million. Immutable X came in second with $6.30 million, followed by Mythos with $6.30 million, BNB Chain with $6.46 million, Bitcoin with $2.62 million, and Flow with $1.46 million.

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Together, these eight blockchains accounted for an impressive 96.49% of all NFT sales this week. Degods amassed $6.59 million, making it the best-performing NFT collection over the past week. Dmarket followed closely behind, with sales of roughly $6.25 million, and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), with $5.43 million in sales, took third place.

The most notable sale over the past week was Autoglyph #490, which took the top rank with a $287,331 sale just four days ago. It was followed by Cryptopunk #7107, which sold for $114,198 on August 18, and Cryptopunk #5342, which made $110,877 on the same day.

Notably, cryptopunks also appeared in the top two NFT sales that followed, with numbers 33206 and 557 both selling for over $100,000. Fidenza #829, which commanded a price of $106,350 on August 17, completed the top six. These six NFTs brought in a staggering $833,509 in total.


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