Victoria VR is set to be the first cryptocurrency-related application for the Apple Vision Pro. With a focus on active user interaction and a blockchain-based economy, the game will face problems from App Store restrictions regarding crypto-related applications.

Victoria VR is set to be the first cryptocurrency-related app to launch on Vision Pro.

The planned Victoria VR game is expected to be the first cryptocurrency-related application for Apple’s latest product offering, the Vision Pro. Despite Apple’s reluctance to describe the Vision Pro as a VR headset, it is essentially a VR headset with augmented reality capabilities.

Victoria VR, as detailed in a whitepaper, will be a game that takes advantage of the superior characteristics of the Apple Vision Pro, using Web3 technology to provide an immersive MMORPG experience with realistic graphics powered by Unreal Engine.


Apple’s historically cautious position on cryptocurrency and in-app economies raises concerns about Victoria VR’s App Store launch prospects. The internet titan’s prior measures, such as blocking token-gated content, demonstrate its ambivalence toward cryptocurrencies.

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Victoria VR, on the other hand, intends to address these issues through a paradigm that fosters active participation and contribution from its users, pledging to share a portion of in-game asset sale income with stakeholders and active metaverse participants.

Victoria VR’s concept is grandiose, intending to create a self-sustaining economy within its metaverse where every interaction has the potential to be rewarded. As the game prepares for its spring release, it symbolizes an attempt to combine the newest in spatial computing with the decentralized spirit of Web 3.

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