Up to 350,000 Kenyan citizens had subscribed and expressed interest in obtaining Worldcoin’s crypto token at some point in July. A Kenyan lawmaker claims that Worldcoin officials will now appear before a legislative committee on September 4.

Argentina’s Record Sign Ups

It was recently discovered by a Kenyan parliamentary committee looking into Worldcoin’s operations in the country of East Africa that up to 350,000 people had expressed interest in the project before the authorities shut it down. The committee reported that at some point in July, Kenyan subscribers made up about 25% of Worldcoin’s total worldwide.

The total number of World ID sign-ups from 34 different nations had, however, surpassed 2.26 million by August, according to a story from The Star. In addition, the group claimed in a blog post on August 31 that demand for the World ID has kept rising. Worldcoin has cited the recent record number of sign-ups in Argentina as evidence for this claim.

While the Worldcoin team has continued to highlight some of the project’s accomplishments, authorities in Kenya appear to have taken a tough stance against the organization and its local affiliates. A Kenyan court is also said to have supported the government’s move to halt Worldcoin operations there.

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Meanwhile, information about some people failing to pay out their tokens was provided to the examining committee, which is presided over by Narok West politician Gabriel Tongoyo. However, Tongoyo disclosed that Worldcoin’s proprietors would soon come before the Kenyan parliament to address questions about the cryptocurrency initiative.

They will show up on Monday of the following week (Sept. 4). They have informed us they won’t be here as scheduled due to travel concerns; therefore, we’ve adjusted our schedule appropriately,” the lawmaker said.

Immaculate Kassait, the nation’s data commissioner, and Solicitor General Shadrack Mose are also anticipated to testify before the committee, according to Tongoyo.


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