Donald Trump, the 45th president and a former tenant of the White House, warns that America is at risk of losing its clout in the world. While the United States has considerable strength, Trump claimed in an interview with Larry Kudlow that its position is “waning” with regard to its currency.

The Diminishing Dollar? Trump Points to a Shift in Global Currency Dynamics

Always forthright, Trump discussed the state of the country’s standing abroad with Fox Business’ Larry Kudlow. Trump may take on incumbent Democratic Senator Joe Biden’s Republican opponent as he runs for re-election in 2024. Trump claims that under Biden’s leadership, America suffered, and he charges that the present administration lacks “common sense.”

Trump said of the Biden administration: “They don’t know what they’re doing and they’re destroying our country.” If re-elected, he expressed confidence that his administration would act quickly to resolve the situation. We’re like a Third World country, Trump told the host, “if you look at our airports, you look at our terminals, you look at our dirty roads and broken roads, and everything else.”

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The former president reinforced his opinion that America will continue to deteriorate and may lose its preeminence despite being the subject of multiple continuing investigations and convictions after his reign. “Our country is going to hell, and we’re not going to be the big boys,” Trump proclaimed. The power we do have is dwindling. In fact, the value of our money is declining.

Trump spoke about countries choosing not to use the U.S. currency, claiming that China wants to replace it with the yuan, a concept that was previously considered “unthinkable.” Trump claims that it is now being considered, though. He ultimately thinks that these problems are caused by excessive energy expenditures.

Trump discussed the use of foreign currencies, alleging that China intends to replace the dollar with the yuan, which was previously thought to be “unthinkable.” Trump asserts that it is now being considered, though. In the end, he believes that these issues are brought on by excessive energy use.


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