Metrics show that Sunday was a big day for the Bitcoin blockchain, as 411,511 ordinal inscriptions were created, making it the second-busiest day ever for inscriptions. Additionally, a sizable 53.9% of all transaction activity on the Bitcoin network over the previous seven days was made up of ordinary inscriptions.

Ordinals’ Unprecedented Impact: 53% of Bitcoin’s Weekly Transactions Defined by Inscriptions

Time travel to Monday, August 21, 8:15 a.m. Eastern Time, where a massive 25,620,164 ordinary inscriptions now adorn the Bitcoin blockchain. On Sunday, the minting of Ordinals reached its second-highest volume ever on the network, with 411,511 inscriptions. The day of July 30, 2023, when a record 422,164 inscriptions were produced in a single day, continues to lead the list.

A recent Dappradar report that claims that sales of ordinary inscriptions have fallen by 97% from their high has stirred up a lot of discussion and controversy. Trevor.btc, a user on X, has questioned its correctness. He cites statistics from and Dune Analytics that reveal a drop of 67% to 68%. In addition, BRC20 activity, a crucial component of the Ordinals inscription trend, was left out of the report, which was challenged by Trevor.btc.

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In the words of Trevor.btc

Have the Ordinals accelerated a hype cycle? Absolutely. Is the volume of ordinals much lower than it was at its peak? Yes. Could it fall any lower? Sure. So what, then? The Ordinals market is identical to every other emerging asset in the industry and to what we have observed in other NFT ecosystems. These things occur in cycles and pass away.

Notably, NFT enthusiast and creator Leonidas recently called attention to the intense activity surrounding Ordinal inscriptions. “Ordinals accounted for 53.9% of the activity on Bitcoin this week,” he said on Sunday. 1,974,803 ordinal transactions. 3,660,831 bitcoin transactions The only people claiming that ordinary people no longer exist are those who see a threat from them.

Approximately 411,511 of the 612,461 transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain on August 20 were ordinal inscriptions, according to the most recent data from Dune Analytics and This equates to 67.18% of all BTC transactions that day. As of August 21st, more than 36,000 inscriptions had been identified.


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