A cybercriminal who has been in contact with Kyber Network released a new on-chain command requesting “complete executive control over Kyber (the company).” This intriguing on-chain message to the Kyberswap team follows the hacker’s initial suggestion that the group have more cordial and helpful conversations.

The attacker using a kyberswap claims to be a kyber network and demands total control.

The perpetrator of the Kyberswap security breach has expressed a wish to have complete control over Kyber, the business, and interim power over the Kberdao governance framework. This information was made public after Kyberswap’s $47 million hack, which allowed the team to get in touch with the alleged hacker.

The attacker the day before emphasized that the group needed to take a more friendly posture and that they intended to present a fresh plan on November 30.

The hacker delivered on his promise and made an announcement indicating that they were interested in a better deal than the share that the Kyberswap team had initially offered. The hacker is essentially claiming total control over Kyber, including all of its off-chain and on-chain resources.

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Another request from the hacker is for comprehensive information on the company’s “protocol formation, structure, operation, revenues, profits, expenses, assets, liabilities, investors, salaries, etc.”

The hacker went on to say:

When my requests are fulfilled, I will give you the following: executives. The corporation will purchase you at a reasonable valuation. We wish you success in all of your next undertakings. Nothing is wrong with you.


The hacker went on to clarify, stating that it is expected that some Kyber employees may decide to leave while they are in charge. The offender is responding by providing a substantial 12-month severance payment, “no questions asked,” to anyone who chooses to quit.

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