The Opbnb extension layer for BNB Chain, the decentralized blockchain network backed by Binance and developed using the Optimism OP stack, has officially launched. With the BNB Chain acting as a settlement layer, the new network enables users to take advantage of low-fee transactions in a high-throughput, high-speed transactional layer intended for interactive applications like gaming.

Optimism-Based Opbnb L2 Launches Mainnet

BNB Chain’s layer-two (L2) network, Opbnb, has announced the opening of its mainnet with a focus on providing a scalable tool to BNB Chain developers. The cost and finality of applications on the BNB Chain are improved by the scalability layer, which is based on the Optimism OP stack.

Because of the new L2’s rapid block timing, developers can transfer assets and value to and from the network swiftly. Additionally, Opbnb supposedly has a transaction fee cap of $0.005 and can handle over 4,000 transactions per second. This indicates that it was created with large-scale blockchain interaction applications in mind.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao urged programmers to utilize the fresh features that Opbnb provides. He declared:

Quick, scalable, and very affordable pricing Let’s create practical applications that process billions of messages and events daily.

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After the network’s testnet launch in June, more than 35 million onchain transactions had been conducted and more than 435,000 distinct wallet interactions had been recorded. During this phase, more than 150 apps were deployed.

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Designed for Interactive Entertainment Applications

 Due to its low fees, Opbnb’s adoption enables daily payment operations, while the L2 is concentrated on delivering interactive apps like games, which require extremely responsive experiences. This use case is even mentioned by BNB Chain, which claims that “the ideal scenario is to have Opbnb serve as a dedicated high-performance ledger for gaming applications, with Binance Smart Chain acting as a secure settlement layer.”

Additionally, according to BNB Chain, the features of Opbnb would enable gaming activities, such as buying and selling items, to take place directly on Opbnb by utilizing the L2’s quick finality and low fees to create more responsive games.

The development team at Opbnb has also prioritized security, making a number of design choices to increase L2’s security and reduce its susceptibility to censorship.

The Opnbnb team will concentrate on completing Opbnb’s features now that the mainnet has been published, including new capabilities like improved security for off-chain transactions, account abstraction, and a decentralized sequencer to increase network resilience.

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