Bitmex, a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, has announced that it will be sending a physical Bitcoin to the moon. The Peregrine spacecraft will carry the Bitcoin wallet, which has a coin-like shape and will touch down on the lunar surface. This marks the first time a financial asset will touch the surface of the moon.

Bitmex is boosting the price of Bitcoin to new heights.

Bitmex, a crypto derivatives exchange, has announced that it will be sending a Bitcoin wallet in the shape of one coin to land on the moon aboard the Peregrine spacecraft. This is an unprecedented achievement, as it marks the first time that a financial asset will touch the lunar surface.

After an Earth orbit, the Vulcan rocket will launch and place Peregrine-1 on a lunar trajectory outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. The landing of Astrobotics’ Peregrine-1 on February 23rd could mark the first Western soft lunar landing since NASA’s Apollo 17 mission in 1972 and the first commercially driven moon mission.

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The physical bitcoin will remain on the lunar surface with Peregrine and is engraved with a public address and a private key. Weighing 43g and loaded with 1 BTC, this will be the first-ever financial asset sent to the Moon.

Bitmex CEO Stephan Lutz said that the mission is a momentous achievement in space exploration and represents the first step in creating a monetary system for a space economy.

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